Stag Aesthetics

Hi, my name is Iain Brown.

Growing up, I used to struggle with being "in shape". I was always unhappy with the way I looked and I had asthma, so many forms of exercise caused a lot of physical strain on my body. 

I tried just about everything under the sun to reach my goal body image, like fad diets and a stupendous amount of cardio, but then I found resistance training and lifting weights and that’s when everything clicked. 

I've reached what I consider to be my goal body image by working out only 3 days a week, with no cardio, while living a fulfilling and enjoyable life, working a 9-5 job as a Software Engineer, and eating the foods I love to eat on a daily basis. 

Why "Stag Aesthetics"?

The White Stag symbolises a journey, embarking out on a spiritual journey, perhaps one of self discovery or self improvement. I think fitness is exactly that.

Stag Aesthetics is here to educate and enrich your life, like it did mine.